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Nowadays, employees are expected to develop themselves continually and be alert to what they need to know, now and in the future, to be employable and to stay that way. The Job Navigator assists into achieving this. Wether it's about vitality, work capacity or employability; being and staying sustainably employable, stands or falls with continual behavioral change: doing something else than you have done before. And that's difficult. Using the Job Navigator, employees will be able to assess their career and using 'nudges', the Job Navigator will call the user to action, and to stay in action.

Right. So, how does the Job Navigator work?

Using stimulating questions - on diverse subjects - the Job Navigator helps users to gain insight into their personality traits, gives them perspective, offers support and challenges them. This way users will not only become aware of who they are, what they're able of and where their inner power lies, but also they'll become aware of their opportunities in, for example, the in- and external labour market.

Proven & Effective

The theoratical framework of the Job Navigator consists four proven phases Adaptability, Awereness, Carreer Perspective, Action

The ideal Conversation Starter

In a short period of time, employees will get insight on their expiration date on the labour market. Ideally to open a conversation about employability.

No one trick pony

Al year long: nudges, shoves, smacks and hugs (based on - Noble Price winners - Richard Thaler's and Daniel Kahneman's theories

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