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In a labor market that has been completely transformed by COVID-19, it helps agile Shell employees to determine which jobs are suitable on the internal and external labor market. This is what the Job Navigator is for. With the Job Navigator, users insert a thermometer into their career. With the help of 'nudges' the digital tool activates the user to work on fun work.

Right. So, how does the Job Navigator work?

Based on stimulating questions and feedback, the Job Navigator helps potential job switchers to gain insights into their personality. Users also obtain perspective, guidance and challenges. This way users do not only become aware of who they are, what they can do or their strengths. Users of the Job Navigator also become aware of their chances and possibilities in a strongly changing internal and external labor market as a result of the Corona virus.

And what can I do with the results?


In first instance, what you do with the results is of course up to you. Regardless, we would recommend to discuss the results in your next IDP meeting. Does your manager (or someone else, if you prefer - think of the Internal Coach Pool), recognize the results and if so, why? And what does that mean for your Individual Development Plan (IDP)? The Job Navigator may lend you a hand...


Proven & Effective

The theoretical framework of the Job Navigator consists of four proven phases Adaptability, Awareness, Career Perspective, Action

Labor market fit

Thanks to the Job Navigator, users make use of the fit between individual talent and potential roles in promising industries.


Not a one-off trick; with your license you can continue to work on your employability all year round.

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